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28 Gallon PureWay Sharps Disposal System


40028 QTY

Our 28 gallon disposal systems are cost-effective solutions for the proper storage, transportation and disposal of sealed red bag and sharps containers. These systems replace costly pick-up services and are perfect solutions for small quantity generators of waste. When ready, simply place containers in the prepaid return shipping box and give it to your regular UPS carrier. It’s that easy to reduce costs by as much as 50% with no contracts, monthly fees, pick-up fees or fuel surcharges.


NO LOOSE SHARPS. Place only full sharps containers in this system.


• Leak- and puncture-resistant collection container to store and safely transport full FDA-approved sharps containers
• Includes lid to minimize odors
• Pre-paid return shipping label and box for convenient return
• Live email tracking from pickup to destruction and electronic certificate of disposal automatically provided for peace of mind
• Pre-filled manifest to simplify the return process
• Made in the USA


• 19”L x 19”W x 21”H
• Accommodates the following sharps containers: 1 Quart (up to 40); 2 Gallon (up to 8); 1 Gallon (up to 14); 3 Gallon (up to 4)