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BioSurf Disinfectant Spray


24oz Spray Bottle


1.32 Gallons (5 Liters)

BioSurf, a “green” surface disinfectant, is a one-step solution that simultaneously cleans and disinfects even in heavy blood and protein environments. Nicknamed The 50-Second Solution, this hospital-level product has the fastest TB kill time on the market, which will help offices turn over its operatory faster. With alcohol as the primary active ingredient (instead of hormone-disrupting surfactants), BioSurf disproves the falsehood that toxicity and harsh chemicals equals effectiveness, meaning infection control no longer has to come at the expense of the staff’s and patients’ health. Lastly, BioSurf will not corrode metals, stain or stick.


• Hospital-level hard surface disinfectant
• Kills TB, viruses, bacteria and fungi in 50 seconds or less
• One-step; cleans and disinfects with only one wipe
• Does not contain phenols or aldehydes, which are harmful to humans

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 13 in
BioSurf Spray

1.32 Gallons (5 Liters), 24oz Spray Bottle