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Radiation Detection Badges (Dosimeters)


Radiation Lapel - Quarterly Wear-Cycle


Radiation Lapel - Annual Wear-Cycle


Radiation Ring - Quarterly Wear-Cycle


Radiation Ring - Annual Wear-Cycle

Developing and implementing a radiation safety program that includes personalized radiation detection badges (dosimeters) will allow any office to track and account for radiation exposure, potentially limiting liability. OSHA requires that all employees who may receive 500 mrem/year and all pregnant workers be monitored.


PureWay offers two convenient options to choose from:

Lapel Badges: Worn on every employee that may have exposure to radiation

Ring Badges: Worn when using a handheld x-ray device.


Please refer to your state guidelines for required usage. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.


• Measures individual x-ray radiation dose levels in real time
• Small and-light weight; accurate and easy to use
• Free web-based account access and user-friendly reports
• Free control badge with every order
• Replace each quarter through mail-in service
• Personalized customer care

Additional Information

Additional Information

Radiation Badge

Radiation Lapel – Annual Wear-Cycle, Radiation Lapel – Quarterly Wear-Cycle, Radiation Ring – Annual Wear-Cycle, Radiation Ring – Quarterly Wear-Cycle